The key in successfully implementing new software in any business is the recognition that software is just not computer code but is the reflection of the business itself; the people, the customers, the current market and the industry future. Useful software is more than technically great code, it is equally great usability.

The emphasis on usability is the reason why Scriptnetics is one of the very few companies that have been programming successfully for Tablets, touch and mobile devices since 2003. Many businesses are not solely workstation based and need integration with mobile workers. Tablet software is different from simple desktop applications in both design and programming. Scriptnetics makes software that integrates all the workforce and customers.

Scriptnetics does do custom programming for clients who understand you cannot just pick the lowest bidder or make up design requirements as you go. Our custom clients get a solid price if we are provided with solid requirements. A fee is required to even quote.

A good foundation is the key to any successful project. Good foundations help avoid unexpected "repairs". Good foundations help define building costs. Good foundations are necessary for future renovations that meet changing needs.