About Scriptnetics.

Scriptnetics has been at the forefront of mission critical mobile apps for over seventeen years. Founded in 1998 it originally specialized in medical business software. Its flagship product, Medscribbler, set many firsts; the first Tablet electronic medical record, the first business application with handwriting recognition and the first private cloud electronic medical record for small offices. Scriptnetics was then recognized for its cutting edge technology by being selected to be one of a small number of companies as a Microsoft Tablet Premier Partner.

Recently Scriptnetics has expanded its mobile expertise to consumer software of importance. Its first Tablet computer software was released in 2003. Since then it has continued to leverage its early cutting edge knowledge of touch, mobile networks and cloud computing into other mission critical software. At this time security is the most critical need in the world and Scriptnetics has turned its abilities in mission critical technology toward this.